Teens use apps to keep secrets?

Secret apps resemble regular apps you would expect to find on your kids phone such as a game or music and video app, however when the correct password is entered, teenagers can access covert files they have completely hidden inside this secret app. Think of it like back when you tried to find that perfect place in your closet to hide something from your parents, its noo different today just technology has changed.

Making use of secret mobile apps by teenagers to hide texts, images and videos is ending up being an increasing cause for concern for parents as well as authorities, said CBS News.

A local, Diana, who caught her fifteen-year-old daughter using the app stated, “I was surprised to discover that Tina had actually installed an app to hide files. I cant do anything with it. “It’s all locked with a passcode.”

“Describing such apps, Dan Tynan, editor-in-chief of Yahoo Tech Magazine, stated the apps could look like common functions such as a calculator, but when users went into a secret password they had access to hidden files.
” Adults can keep their children from using such apps by turning off their ability to install apps without adult approval. The problem with these apps is they allow kids to hide their cyber-lives from their moms and dads, and in some cases the things they are concealing can damage them,” he included.”

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Diana, who captured her fifteen-year-old child utilizing the app said, “Its really pretty alarming, you know? that she has easy access to these apps”

Her Daughter confessed that it was reckless of him to utilize the app. “Basically, I was hiding from my parents. And it was stupid, yeah.”

Pamela Casey, A county district lawyer in Alabama, posted a video on Facebook to caution parents about such apps. “I encourage you to look at your child’s phone,” she stated. “If one kid understands about it, numerous kids know about it.”

This short article was researched on ABC News and CBS News.

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