Kayaking: Lake Granbury

Parts of the Brazos are definitely stunning and paddling is rather satisfying. Other than after heavy regional rains. There is a dam at Lake Granbury and none which is accessible, making consistent downriver journeys challenging needing long shuttle bus. If you stop paddling, the Brazos is dominated by high southwest headwinds that can actually blow you back upriver. In reality, the winds might be the greatest danger on the Brazos River, so strategy appropriately since it can decrease a journey by a number of hours.

Fishing in the majority of parts of the Brazos is outstanding, so if you want to wet a hook and drown some worms, then bring your Texas fishing license, fishing  bait and prepare yourself for delight. More particular information will be offered in the descriptions of the private areas of the lake marina

The landscapes that are most pleasurable, consisting of some high cliffs around the lake, and thick plants along the river banks. There are couple of other risks on this river besides the above mentioned winds and the hot Texas summer temperature levels and direct sun direct exposure – those can trigger dehydration and muscle soreness, along with sunburns and wind burns however those negatives aside, the Brazos is the very first river lots of people paddle, especially due to the fact that brief, reasonably safe journeys can be taken without terrific worry of hazardous waters.

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