Granbury for Holiday Fun

Granbury’s square lights up with Christmas cheer and Joy and offers entertainment for all ages.

Lights to music in granbury

A must see is the house decorated with lights that are synchronized with music. It is just down from the square and most visitors remain in their car. The wait in line can sometimes be a little long, so I usually take some holiday snacks. You can tune your cars radio to the local broadcast within a block or two.

Come to Life Christmas Cards

Another must see is the totally free interactive event, Christmas cards “come to life” through the skills of dancers, professionals, stars, and vocalists. There are 8 cards, and each card is a different remarkable vignette. The audience travels from card to card, and over 2 hours time, viewers have the ability to see all 8 vignettes in action.

The Granbury Living Christmas Cards ™ was the creation of Carey Dyer, minister of music and at Lakeside Baptist Church. Carey invested eleven years as an expert performer in music theaters, and he had actually seen and taken part in lots of Christmas occasions such as pageants, plays, and “Living Christmas Tree” productions.

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