Rain and Thunder storms rings false alarm at Hoffbrau Steak & Grill House

Well done steaks? Not hardly.  False Alarm!

During one of the many brief, but heavy rain falls around One O’clock this afternoon a monitored fire alarm was trigger at the Hoffbrau Steak house and the Granbury Fire department responded with the ladder truck and rescue engine, however, while en-route and just before arriving on scene, hood county dispatched notified them that it was going to be a false alarm.  The alarm monitoring company had called 911 back and stated the system was accidentally triggered, possibly due to the rain.

The GFD checked everything out and walked the perimeter and then gave it an “all clear”. No smoke, no burnt steaks!

Heavy Rains to blame?

The alarm monitoring company thought the false alarm was possibly triggered by water leaking from the heavy rain into a detector, compromising the system and triggering the alarm

Freezing rain possible..

The drive home along hwy 377 may be hazardous today as the rain continues through the day.  The bar ditches are full of rain water and the usual low spots and puddles have several inches in them.

For those traveling North or West out of the city need to take extra time and caution. The road condition in that direction are going to be hazardous the further you go.




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