Sinkhole Expense and Reimbursement summary

Financial Summary on Sinkhole

During the city council meeting Mayor Hulett handed off deliberation agenda #13 to city manager Chris Coffman which in turn had one of his staff present a summary of the financials concerning the lift station 4 and drainage systems located in the parking lot of Brookshires on Hwy 144. Emergency funds from the federal highway administration were applied for through the cooperation and negotiations of the city manager’s office and Txdot. The mayor’s office reined in the other necessary funding from the cities insurance company.

Million dollar Hole

The city was faced with over a million dollar estimate to replace the infrastructure and lift station after its destruction during mother’s day weekend 2015. With having almost 5 inches of rain officially recorded at granbury airport (kgdj) in days leading up to the May 10th 2015 Sinkhole. According to officials “Emergency crews secured the site and immediately set up a temporary Bypass station”.  spoke with an engineer working on the site and he explained the the culvert had collapsed at some point and the heavy rainfall simply took out the rusted culvert creating the landslide and sinkhole. Unearthing some history of this location at the same time.  As it turns out, dating 60 to 70 years ago this was the site of the city landfill, basically in a small valley that laid there before the lake was created. In 1961 as the lake became a reality the landowner filled in the valley with a 6 to 7 foot tall drainage culvert and covered it up with enough dirt that creates the grade that is there today. Fortunately Txdot had tied their drainage system on hwy 144 to that very culvert back in 2001, city manager, Chris Coffman stated  “Because of that I believed we had a little bit of negotiating power”,  Plus with a emergency disaster declared by mayor Hulett, it allowed qualification to several relief funds available.

Although it has taken almost 3 years to “fill” the hole and enough time has passed to rebuild the local McDonald’s, during that time our city staff have partnered with FEMA, TXDot, TDA, TML, and the cities insurance company during this project. Countless hours and teamwork was the key to collecting the data, submitting the forms, filling out the worksheets, and making the phone calls in order to meet the different requirements that each entity was asking for.  After 5 audits and a few conference calls FEMA finally cut a check..




  1. Mitigation related expenses to secure site. 183,744
  2. City of Granbury overtime related to mitigation. 75,370
  3. City of Granbury equipment use related to mitigation 144,535
  4. Replacement of lift station and infrastructure. 962,009
  5. Total cost of project 1,365,658


  1. Funding secured from TML insurance 999,566
  2. Funding secured from FEMA 313,113
  • Total funding secured 1,312,679
  • Projected unreimbursed expenses 52,979

So when can we drive through the parking lot again? Or take that short cut over to get some fast food? Well apparently the employee I spoke with last week said he and his crew would be finished with the retaining wall between the lot and the lake in three weeks as long as the weather would cooperate and we all know how that goes here in Texas. He was not sure how long until all the debris and fence would be taken down and granbury news has not heard back from Txdot on the official completion day.

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      I know right? It was brought up at the council meeting by the city manager, Chris.


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