Texas Independence Celebration at Granbury.

Texas Independence Celebration at Granbury.


On Saturday the Texas hero foundation was taking full advantage of breaking clouds and glimmers of sunlight by placing Texas state flags along hwy 4 or as we call it, Fall creek highway after having place flags around the court house earlier in the week. Two volunteers were busy zip tying the banner down along the cemetery fence line when I stopped to get a few pictures and ask a few questions. They were both so enthusiastic about this years event, because last years event was a huge success. They told of a story about a 10 year old boy that stole the show last year with his reciting of the famous Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis letter. The boys uncanny realism and life like ability to recite the letter as if it was Taylor himself reading it “gave me goosebumps” they said.

Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis, leader of the Alamo’s defenders, sat down to write a letter addressed to “the People of Texas & All Americans in the World.” In the now-famous missive, Travis appealed for help, but expressed no fear or despair at the ever-mounting odds against his men. Instead, he vowed to “never surrender or retreat,” but to fight to the end. As we all know, help never came. To this day, however, Travis’ letter stands as an emblem of courage and self-sacrifice, and a vital piece of the enduring legend of the Alamo”.


Courtesy Texas Hero Foundation

“Conflict and Compromise in Texas History”

This years 2018 Student History Fair Theme. Students of GISD are encouraged to participate by entering the contests and competing for awards that could net them some cash! Best of show takes away $200 dollars. The students will have an opportunity to enjoy all the festivities and see what their competitors have created on Thursday March the 1st. The GISD will have over a thousand students from middle and elementary schools interact with period correct reenactments, blacksmithing, wool looming and so much more during this year’s event at the Acton cemetery. The event put on by the Texas Hero foundation is a great way to take in the history and meet the hero’s of our great states past.

Bring your kids and grandkids to this special event. They will see, taste, and hear wonderful new/old experiences like…Meet Texas Heroes, portrayed by the THF Team, partake in Elizabeth Crockett Memorial Ceremony, see black powder demonstrations, enjoy period music & performing art winners, view the Student History Fair, vote on People’s Choice Award and more and enjoys the GRUMPS food truck..


Thursday,  March 1, 2018

9:00 am to 4:30 pm Student History Fair and Stroll Thru Texas History

12 noon Memorial Service for Elizabeth Crockett at Acton Cemetery and cannon demonstration.

Friday,  March 2, 2018

9:00 am to 4:30 pm Student History Fair and Stroll Thru Texas History

12 noon  Elizabeth Crockett Program at Acton Cemetery and cannon demonstration

Student History Fair Awards Presentation: View projects at 6:30 pm awards at 7:00 pm

Saturday,  March 3, 2018

10:00 am:  Exhibitors/Vendors open to the public

10:00 am – Stroll Thru Texas History

10:00 am:  Music

12:00 noon (To be announced later)

3:00 pm  Closing Ceremony




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