Chemical plant explosion 1 missing.

27-Year-Old Worker Still Missing

UPDATED: March 15, 2018  445 pm Chemical plant, Cresson, Dillon Mitchell, explosion, fire, Hood County, Local TV, plant, Tri-Chem Industries


Firefighters are battling a huge fire after an explosion at a chemical plant in Hood County.

Sheriff Roger Deeds told local News that one person was missing and another badly injured in the blast that happened at Tri-Chem Industries, in the city of Cresson on State Highway 171. A nearby lumberyard was evacuated as a precaution.

Cresson city secretary Hannah Rhodes says nine emergency-rescue and fire departments responded to the Thursday morning blaze. She says one man remains missing, while another has been airlifted to a hospital with serious burns.

chemicals are manufactured at the Tri-Chem Industries plant in Cresson, about 25 miles southwest of Fort Worth. But Rhodes says emergency responders have been evacuated from the vicinity because of fears of another explosion.

She said she observed black smoke in the sky from City Hall, several miles from the site.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality spokesman Brian McGovern did not immediately respond to a request for information.

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