General Granbury’s 40TH Annual Birthday

2 buck bean cup, Priceless!

A ticket was given out with each cup and spoon package allowing the public to vote for their favorite cup of beans. 

At the end of the day over 1000, 2 ounce bean cups had been sold.   

Beans, Barbecue and Outhouse Races

What a great event for everyone who attended the General Granbury birthday celebration.  Beans, Barbecue, great music, and children’s rides were the result of a well planned celebration by the Historic Granbury Merchants Association. Some 73 booths filled the square with trendy vendors offering some very unique items for sale. The outhouse races were fun to watch and the rains held off until later in the afternoon like it was planned all along.

The turnout at the celebration was stellar on Saturday morning and the weather was perfect. The square in Granbury Texas was so crowded you could barely navigate around the courthouse on foot. The traffic was also extremely congested as you might expect in the downtown area with the large crowd attending the event. All the parking lots and side streets were packed full of cars and trucks for blocks in every direction.

2018 Granbury Bean Queen

The parade started things off and arrived at the square around noon. The parade ran the usual route down pearl street making a left at the square and then back up Bridge in front of Granbury city hall and toward Decker gym. The bean queen was the lead of the pack followed by several antique cars, motorcycles, a couple of segways,  several local business sponsors, a few politicians and the sheriffs posse on horse back and a stagecoach. (see parade video here)

 Shortly after the parade the bean and barbecue contest started. The public paid 2 dollars for a cup and spoon which allowed them to try beans from all the contestants. And most of the ribs were 2 bucks a piece also.  

Mayor Nin Hulett agreed that although the cup was small, after visiting every contestant we had eaten plenty of beans.

In fact with 13 contestants, had you only eaten 1 ounce at every table you would have consumed almost a pound of beans then throw in some of the best ribs in the county and you have yourself a meal and your monies worth for sure. Some beans were hot to the taste and some leaning on the salty side. But all in all, everyone’s beans were good! What you’d expect when cooked by a Texan.

My personal favorite cup of beans was from the Kingdom Cookers booth representing Stone Water Church. 

At the end of the day over 1000, 2 ounce bean cups had been sold. Consequently forcing them to visit the warehouse and retrieving last years left over supply. They used last years cups on Sunday which had a smaller attendance.

For some of the pit masters cooking barbecue and making beans for the General Granbury birthday weekend is a family tradition and some of them have won time and time again as you can see in some of our photos. 

First Place Beans went to Burnt enz

But this years first place “Beans” went to Burnt Enz, a new comer! Burnt Enz BBQ and catering just sounds cool. The name has got a ring to it.  And their beans had an extremely good flavor. Just the right amount spice.


First place Best Ribs went to Kingdom Cookers

Speaking of new and spice. “Steele Dust” is what their friends and family call it. The 29 secret ingredients the family uses took cook the award winning ribs that recently changed from 28 ingredients to 29 representing their sons football number. The Steele family with Stonewater Church or known as Kingdom Cookers won the Best Ribs contest and man oh man were they good. I did not get to try one Saturday but after learning about how “Steele dust” came about and the fact they  took 1st place I had to eat some of their ribs on Sunday and they we indeed 1st place ribs.


The Outhouse Race.

The outhouse race starting line was on the corner of Pearl and Crockett as a result it was a down hill race in the beginning then making a left hand turn on to Bridge St before making a u turn at Houston and back tracking to the starting line.

Getting Lined up for the outhouse race.

The climb back up the hill on Crockett proved to be too much for some as they crossed the finish line exhausted.  It took about 2 minutes to make the trip. I was not sure where the finish line was until they came back up the street so I am not sure who won. Leave a comment if you do and we will give them the credit.


Compiled Video of the event

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