Fire Destroyed Apartments at Mambrino hwy

This Video was taken by Renate Gourley Jones on April 14th Saturday afternoon. It shows the beginnings of a Multi alarm fire response

Fire Destroyed Apartments at Mambrino hwy

Strong wind gusting along the cliffs behind the apartments fanned the fire of the first building. Catching the second on fire. Each complex housed ten apartments. Several families have lost everything in the fire and have been displaced. The Red Cross arrived at the location as residents, family and friends started gathering at the top of the hill.

The apartments were located on the southern end of lake Granbury at the 6300 block of Kelly Dr. and Mambrino. The first fire engine arrived on scene to the building fully evolved and the second building on fire. The third apartment complex was also threatened. Granbury and Hood County fire departments were able to keep that building safe. Although not official one spectator said the fire may have been caused by a barbecue pit on a back porch.

Fire Marshall Ray Wilson, Sheriff Roger Deeds and fire stations from all over the county responded to the incident. Including Tolars VFD recently purchased ladder truck. Several fires around town kept local firefighters busy all day. A small grass fire on the corner on pearl and travis st. Then a grass fire reported in the harbor lake area broke out during the apartment fire. Stretching county wide fire resources thin.

One of the tenants was a young couple that had lost everything in the fire. The young man was at home at the time and received a knock on the door to get out of the apartment immediately. His wife on the other hand was at work, rushed home to see the devastation. A representative from Red Cross arrived on scene and collected names of the tenants that were affected by the fire.

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