Granbury Wine Walk 2018

No Whining-Granbury Wine Walk

Proceeds from tickets sales benefited local charities.

The 2018, 9th annual Granbury Wine Walk was a huge success. Attendees had nothing to whine about during the event. Participants purchased tickets that included a glass, wristband, 15 tasting tickets, and a map. The layout of the event was situated in four “clusters” around the square. Each cluster provided live music, tastings, vendors and artisans.


Young or Old, Wino or not! There was no need to be a wine enthusiast to have a good time. In addition to wine and cheese tasting the square was full of street artist, food and gift vendors, live music, and the merchant shops were open. The weather was beautiful and repeat wine walkers called it “Best in Years.” Additionally the new side walks were a welcome site for a veteran wine walker from Dallas. I love them! She said. “I’ve been coming here for years and the old sidewalks were dangerous.” Then added, ” Should have been done long ago.” 

Visitors from across Texas drove miles Saturday to enjoy the festivities here. These young ladies traveled from Grandview Tx. Taking a break, they sat in the shade for a moment while watching the crowds walk by.   

Wine Warehouse 2018

This years event featured a wine warehouse. The Sip & Shop line up had 24 Texas wineries presenting several wine varieties of red and white wines with some specialty selections. 

While enjoying the various samples participants could purchase a bottle of wine to take home. 

When you purchased a bottle of wine, you received a card from the winery. Instead of carrying around a bottle of wine, or two. Or more! 

Each card was good for one bottle of wine. Afterwards, you stopped by the wine warehouse to pick up your purchase. Although you were welcomed to take it with you at the point of purchase.

Wine-o-teers made it a success

The Granbury Wine Walk is a non profit event. Made possible by a countless amount of time, resources and citizens from our community. Working together and making this event a success.

Sip, Stroll and Rock-N-Roll

This year had over a dozen musicians performing on Friday and Saturday. Four locations provided a music venue through out the event. As you sipped & strolled along, live music was heard at each stage. 

Depending on your musical taste you could decide which artist to listen to. The wine walk magazine and website provided dates and times of each performer. 

The Crowd gathered around the Benton Lawson Band immediately upon hearing the intro to Chris Stapleton’s version of a George Jones song Tennessee Whiskey.  Lawson found his natural talent, (learned by ear) at the age of twelve.  

See full video here

His raw talent was showcased through his instrument fretting and voice inflections. Influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmie Hendrix and B.B. King radiated from his finger tips. Earlier in today’s performance he laid down some licks that even Stevie could appreciate.

The Square Plaza was a popular spot Saturday afternoon as Darwin Martin lead his group of talented musicians. The wine walkers stopped to hear the classic soul song by Stevie Wonder – Isn’t she lovely.

  See full video here

Wine Walking the Dogs

Artisans at work.

Side walk Artisans created unique items such as this clay bowl.  Visitors stood in awe while they watched this soothing process. Various techniques, substrates, textiles and mediums were represented at the event.

Looking through the Glass.

Mimi-&-B on the square

Every merchant on the square counts on a large crowd during an event like this. We checked in with a few to find out how business went. As things began to “wine” down Saturday night. I asked several vendor booths and local merchants if they were pleased with sales and the overall feel of Granbury Wine Walk 2018. 

Everyone I spoke to said they were pleased with their sales, and felt the turn out was good. Some even mentioned the great weather. But on a twist of events last years colder weather may have attributed to more people coming inside to shop. Rather than congregating with family and friends on the sidewalks. 

Several shop owners on the square created space for their customers to interact with. Such as The Paradise Bistro and Against the Grain. Both placed “photo props” in front of their store. Engaging the wine walkers to take funny group pictures or selfies with the cardboard quotations. Paradise Bistro was also serving burger samples to promote and celebrate their Grand-Re-Re Opening. It was a Very Tasty Burger!

wine walk 2018_paradise_bistro
wine walk 2018_paradise_bistro
wine walk 2018_paradise_bistro

Family, Friends and enormous talents

In conclusion it was apparent that this years event was extraordinary. From the perfect weather to great food and wine. Families made memories. Friendships grew stronger. Artisans expressed their creative talents. Musicians moved the soul to dance like no one was watching. Texas Vintner’s and Vigneron’s shared their wines. With all its color, swirl, smell, taste, and savor. 

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