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Against the Grain Studio

 Against the Grain Studio on the square is worth stopping in and checking out. Have you gone Against the Grain yet? The Granbury square offers both visitors and locals a unique shopping, dining and entertainment experience. However, if you are looking for a real memory maker ATG has just the thing. Owner Andrea Taylor followed her heart and founded Against The Grain Studio in 2015. 

The unique studio is a community of artists and guests working side-by-side that encourages and inspires artistic growth. 

Offering a spot on the map for local artisans to show off their work and make some cash. It’s also a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere for the beginner artist by removing the stigma of “I can’t” to “I can”. Andrea has put together some very creative off the shelf “Make and Take” art projects that anyone, and I mean anyone can do.

Make and Take Art Studio

Andrea has put together some very creative off the shelf “Make and Take” art projects that anyone, and I mean anyone can do.  
Additionally, a portion of the gallery artists conduct classes and workshops.

I first discovered it during the wine walk. So I walked in Saturday morning to see two young girls and a boy busy gathering the items needed for their art project. Their Grandmother had brought them.

 I thought then, what a great memory they will have looking at what they created with Grandma years from now. The young man was looking at a long shelf holding various designs and statues of ceramic figures ready for paint. 

He chose to paint a dog. His youngest sister picked a lion. After setting them on the table they collected their paint in a small tray that held 6 colors. Andrea helped them decide on what colors to pick and brushes to use.

Anna, the oldest of the three decided she wanted to decorate a wooden plaque of her name. Against the Grain has a C02 laser cutter set up in the back. Allowing the creation of a fully customized wooden plaque or sign. AGT has made it easy to be creative and make some good memories with family and friends. 

We believe everyone has an artist in them!

The store has an inviting entrance that sparks your interest immediately. A tall bistro style table and chairs, along with a couple of couches to hang out on. Just past the entrance there is somewhat of a natural divide, leading you to either the gallery or crafting area. All the while looking completely open with the large ceilings and balcony in the back. 

The right wall is lined with artwork from local artist. The left side of the building is laid out for classes and projects. Shelves and crafting supplies linded the wall and a really cool Against The Grain shop sign sits on top. The project tables used during classes and “Make & Take” projects have become art themselves.

3 simple make and take projects for you to enjoy.
Mosaics, Canvas, or Non Fire Ceramics.

“We believe everyone has an artist in them!  Our walk in studio allows freedom in schedule and creativity, giving you a creative piece to take home that day.”

Against the grain concept.

The concept and vision that Andrea has created for this studio is extraordinary. Her drive and passion to instill creativity and teach form and function to all artists and guests that come to Against The Grain Studio can only come from the heart. 

Her creativity also reflects in the unique events and packages that they host on a regular basis. 

Such as “date night” that includes a bottle of wine and cheese, Macrame with Mom, Girls night out, WYSIWYG Wednesday, Express yourself for teens, live music on Saturday nights….and the list just keeps on growing.

Time to go make some memories of your own? Follow Against the Grain on Facebook for the latest events. Or visit the Website

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