Two teens drowned, Identity released.

GRANBURY  – A  tradition for high school seniors ended with two Granbury students dead, and now those teenagers have been identified. Officials stated that 17-year-old Julio Espinosa-Guerrero and 18-year-old Oscar Rios drowned on Monday.

According to the Hood County Sheriff’s Office, the two Granbury High School boys skipped school with a group of friends on Monday to go swimming at Wheeler Branch Park,  Friends said that one of the teens got into trouble in the water, and the other boy jumped in to help out.

Both of the students were recovered from the lake and airlifted to a Fort Worth hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

The high school seniors were less than one month away from graduation. They decided to partake in Senior Skip Day. Grief counselors will be on hand at Granbury High School beginning Tuesday morning.

“In a town this size, everybody knows everybody,” said principal Jeremy Ross, “so it’s going to affect a lot of people.”

Ross added that the school does not sanction any Senior Skip Day, but it has become a tradition for high school seniors to pick a day that is intentionally missed. “That’s not something that’s ours. We don’t own that,” he explained. “That’s something the kids are going to do and the parents are going to allow.”

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