LSSRA Hot Rod Run in Granbury.

LSSRA Hot Rod Run in Granbury

Granbury – LSSRA Hot Rod Run in Granbury. While driving down 377 you may have noticed the red LSSRA signs along the roadsides. What are the red LSSRA signs pointing to?  They are pointing to Lone Stars Street Rod Associations 44th annual “Hot Rod Run” to Granbury.  Held this year at Hewlett park on the second weekend of June. Over 200 Hot Rodders from across the state made a run to Granbury. Most members belong to a car club at a local level in their own city, then get together during their annual run. Its the 4th time for the event to be in held in Granbury

What is LSSRA?

What is the LSSRA? Well it is a statewide association of street rodders but really it’s a lot more than that. It is a group of individuals, that share the love of vintage hot rods and classic cars. 

Everyone I spoke to had a interesting story about how the car came about. Where they got it, and what it meant to them. 

LSSRA formed in March 1974 with an original 16 members having six basic goals.  Promote vehicle safety. Bring recognition on a state level. Encourage event participation. Promote acceptance of the hobby. Coordination of hot rod runs within the state. Lastly, serve as a method of communication for all Lone Star Street Rod Association Members.

For the Love of Hot Rods

This was the fourth annual event held here in Granbury Texas. It was quite interesting meeting all the different hot-rodders. They really come from all walks of life.  From summer backyard shade tree mechanics with a dream and a passion. To others that have deep pockets and pays somebody else do the restore for them. But no matter their differences or walks of life they all share a bond and commonality with the love of old restored vehicles.

I spoke with several hot-rodders and they really have come from all over the state. The Gear Grinders of San Antonio were showing their cars and had volunteered to help with the entrance of the park. Some of the founding members of their club had a hand in the creation of LSSRA. 

Another group of hot rodders from Tyler called themselves The Hot Rod Bunch. They had a beautiful red 1934 Ford along with several other cars. As most did, they had two or three canopy’s set up, a BBQ grill, and ice chest. A place for the kids to play and the dogs to stay in the shade. Apparently seasoned hot rod runners.

LSSRA Hot Rod Run in Granbury
LSSRA Hot Rod Run in Granbury

Another couple, Sylvester and Cynthia Brooks from the east side of Fort Worth were showing off a beautiful coupe that they so eloquently called The Purple People Eater. Chewy their dog has been to so many car shows that he sat in the shade chilling on his dad’s lap  watching the crowds walk by.

PayDay Tribute to Hot Rod Dad.

This 1954 red Chevrolet pickup truck had one particular accessory nobody else had. Craig Davis of Arlington Street Rod Club proudly displays a box of payday candy bars on his front bumper. They’re not there for looks he really does want you to take one and enjoy it.

As you’re eating that payday think of his father. The man that bought the truck over 20 years ago and had it restored 16 years ago.  Craig’s dad started a benevolent program, what was then called orphaned and aged. He negotiated with large food vendor’s such as General Mills and Campbell’s purchasing their “clipped pallet” or slightly damaged goods. He then began distributing them through the orphaned or aged program, making sure those that could not afford it, had something to eat. Craig’s father Loved PayDay Candy Bars. What a nice tribute Craig!

The city of Granbury is a great place to hold these events. Plus, it’s a boost to our taxes and economy through hotel and B&B accommodations. It’s revenue for our restaurants, and restaurant workers.  Our gas stations and general merchandisers. It’s a win win for everyone. I am proud that the LSSRA has chosen Granbury 4 years in a row to hold this special event. I hope they make another run to Hewlett Park again next year.


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