Memorial Day RUCK

Memorial day RUCK

Memorial day at granbury beach

Memorial day ruck

Most of Granbury celebrated Memorial Day by lighting up the barbecue and enjoying an extra day in the lake.

But on Monday, I got to follow  a group of 31 men and woman who paid their respects to fallen soldiers with a small sacrifice of their own. They chose to put themselves through physically demanding task, in the name of a soldier killed in battle.

Ruck at field of flags

These Veterans and local Granbury citizens not only participated in the remembrance walk to the square from memorial lane park. But after HCSO Chaplin Doug Pruitt lead the invocation he asked all RUCK’s to meet up. Following the ceremonies the rucks set off for a 3.5 mile walk in the heat of the day.  

Quick water break during ruck

They started on the Granbury square and walked while weighted down with backpacks, and water bottles. The Granbury Police Department gave them escort while travelling down Hwy 377 to their destination of the field of flags. They took a quick break around half way.

What is a Ruck?


What is rucking?

The definition of rucking is “the activity of moving with weight on your back in a rucksack (aka backpack), where action, energy, and purpose are required”.

Celebrating Memorial Day weekend on the square in Granbury is a family tradition for some. For others it is a time to commemorate their family and friends that did not make it home from battle. 

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